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GF-1 Forensic DNA Extraction Kit

The GF-1 Forensic DNA Extraction Kit is designed for rapid and efficient purification of DNA from traces of biological materials such as blood stains, saliva, semen, hair and nail for clinical and forensic analysis. The purification is based on the usage of denaturing agents to provide efficient cell lysis, denaturation of proteins and subsequent release of DNA. Special buffers provided in the kit are optimized to enhance the binding of DNA onto a specially-treated glass filter membrane for efficient recovery of highly pure DNA.


  • No organic-based extraction required.
  • Highly pure DNA ready to use for routine molecular biology applications such as restriction enzymes digestion, PCR, protein-DNA interactions and blotting.

Kit Components

  • Buffer STL
  • Buffer BL
  • HB Buffer
  • Wash Buffer (concentrate)
  • Elution Buffer
  • OB Protease

Ordering Information

Catalog No Description Pack Size
GF-FD-025 GF-1 Forensic DNA Extraction Kit 25 preps


GF-1 Forensic DNA Extraction Kit


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