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GF-1 Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit

The GF-1 Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit is designed for rapid and efficient purification of high copy and low copy plasmid DNA from bacterial lysates. The kit uses the alkaline lysis-SDS method to lyse cells and release plasmid DNA. Special buffers provided in the kit are optimized to enhance binding DNA onto a specially-treated glass filter membrane for efficient recovery of highly pure plasmid DNA.


  • Yields up to 20μg of DNA
  • Multiple samples can be processed rapidly in less than 30 minutes
  • No organic-based extraction required
  • Highly pure plasmid DNA ready to use for routine molecular biology applications such as restriction enzyme digestion, PCR, ligation, DNA sequencing, transformation, etc.

Kit Components

  • Solution 1
  • Solution 2
  • Buffer NB
  • Wash Buffer (concentrate)
  • Elution Buffer
  • RNase A

Ordering Information

Catalog No Description Pack Size
GF-PL-050 GF-1 Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit 50 preps
GF-PL-100 GF-1 Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit 100 preps
GF-PL-200 GF-1 Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit 200 preps


GF-1 Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit

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