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GF-1 Tissue Blood Combi DNA Extraction Kit

The GF-1 Tissue Blood Combi DNA Extraction Kit is designed for rapid and efficient purification of genomic DNA from blood and various fresh or frozen tissue samples such as kidney, heart, lungs, brains, muscles, liver, spleen, and animal cultured cells. The purification is based on the usage of denaturing agents to provide lysis of cells, denaturation of proteins and subsequently release of genomic DNA. Special buffers provided in the kit are optimized to enhance binding of DNA onto a specially-treated glass filter membrane for efficient recovery of highly pure genomic DNA. Simple centrifugation steps allow multiples sample processing and remove contaminants to yield highly pure DNA which is suitable to be used in various down-stream applications.


  • Yields up to 20µg of DNA
  • No organic-based extraction required.
  • Highly pure genomic DNA ready to use for routine molecular biology applications such as restriction enzyme digestion, PCR, Southern Blotting and DNA fingerprinting.

Kit Components

  • Buffer TL
  • Lysis Enhancer
  • Buffer CB
  • Wash Buffer 1 (concentrate)
  • Wash Buffer 2 (concentrate)
  • Elution Buffer
  • Proteinase K

Why choose Vivantis Kit?

  • Reliable: High quality DNA is eluted out from the sample.
  • Convenient: Can be used for fresh or frozen blood / tissue sample.

Ordering Information

Catalog No Description Pack Size
GF-BT-050 GF-1 Tissue Blood Combi DNA Extraction Kit 50 preps
GF-BT-100 GF-1 Tissue Blood Combi DNA Extraction Kit 100 preps


GF-1 Tissue Blood Combi DNA Extraction Kit

Stability Test Report

Blood DNA Extraction Test
Tissue DNA Extraction Test

This Product Has Been Used In:

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