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Home Latest news GF-1 Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

GF-1 Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

GF-1 Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

Vivantis GF-1 Nucleic acid extraction kit provides a rapid and efficient method for purification of nucleic acid from various samples.

The purification columns in the kits are fixed with a specially-treated glass filter membrane that is uniquely designed to efficiently bind DNA in the presence of high salts. The kit applies the principle of a spin mini-column technology and the use of optimized buffers ensure that only DNA and/or RNA is isolated while cellular proteins, metabolites, salts and other impurities are removed during subsequent washing steps. Water or low salt buffers with the appropriate pH is then used to elute highly pure DNA and/or RNA, ready to use for many routine molecular biology applications.


GF-1 nucleic acids extraction kits series are designed to extract DNA from bacteria, plant samples, tissue samples, forensic samples, plasmid, virus and blood samples. It is also design to extract total RNA, blood RNA and Viral RNA. Besides that, we have GF-1 kits for Gel recovery and PCR clean-up kit, and our latest product, AmbiClean kit has both functions in one kit.



-High Purity as intracellular proteins and nucleases are completely removed

-Easy to use

- Safe as no toxic or organic-based extraction required

-Wide application for many routine molecular biology manipulations

- High Yield

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