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Flex-C Cloning Kit-NEW!!!

Flex-C Cloning Kit-NEW!!!

Possible to clone any PCR Fragment into any vector in ONE DAY?

YES! Now you can with our latest product Flex-C Cloning Kit.

Vivantis Flex -C Cloning kit is a highly efficient, rapid and easy to use PCR cloning kit. The Flex-C Enzyme allows direct cloning of any PCR fragments to any linearized expression vector at any site in a single 20-minute reaction.

The PCR fragments can be generated by PCR Polymerases with primers that are designed to have at least 10 bases of homology at their linear ends. No additional treatment of the PCR fragment is required. The linearized vector can be generated by PCR or restriction enzymes. Flex-C Enzyme joins PCR fragments and linearized vectors accurately and efficiently by recognizing the 10bp overlap at their ends.

This method allows cloning multiple fragments into a single vector in a single reaction, without subcloning, create fusion proteins, delete and replace DNA sequence, insert point mutations. Flex-C Cloning Kit is highly efficient with 95% insert rate. It also includes Vivantis Taq DNA Polymerase and reaction buffers as well as dNTP for subsequent PCR screening of clones.


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