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ViPrimePLUS Lyophilized qPCR Master Mix

ViPrimePLUS Lyophilized qPCR Master Mix is next generation first choice for a fast and easy real-time PCR reaction set up. The master mix is in freeze-dried form which produces stable preparation at room temperature. The freeze-dried master mix contains pure Taq DNA polymerases, MgCl2 and buffers components at optimal concentrations.

ViPrimePLUS Lyophilized qPCR Master Mix has same optimal performance as ViPrimePLUS qPCR Master Mix and ViPrimePLUS qPCR Green Master Mix. The lyophilized qPCR master mix has highest sensitivity and specificity to detect the extremely low abundance transcripts with high efficiency.

ViPrimePLUS Lyophilized qPCR Master Mix is used with supplied re-suspension buffer and ROX dye; hence hardware platforms that need ROX as a passive reference dye can be used in standard cycling conditions.


  • Convenient and rapid real time PCR reaction set up
  • Lyophilized form – room temperature stable preparation
  • Reliable quantification of low copy number targets
  • High PCR sensitivity and specificity
  • Compatible with most of the real-time PCR platforms

Kit Component

  • 3 x Lyophilized qPCR MasterMix
  • 1 x Lyophilized ROX
  • 4 x Re-suspension buffer

Master Mixes Selection Guidelines for System Compatibility
To calibrate a real-time PCR reaction, the various formulations of Master Mixes are available for most of the platforms.

Real-time PCR platforms ROX re-suspension volume ROX addition per tube of master mix
Applied Biosystems 7000, 7700, 7900, 7300 StepOne, StepOnePLUS and ViA7 platforms, Roche capillary Lightcyclers. 100µl 20µl
All Stratagene platforms 200µl 15µl
Applied Biosystems 7500 platform 700µl 10µl
All other machines Not Required Not Required

Ordering Information

Catalog No Description Pack Size
QLMM05 ViPrimePLUS Lyophilized qPCR Master Mix 150 reactions


ViPrimePLUS Lyophilized qPCR Master Mix


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