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Home Latest news Post-Event: Distributor Meeting with Diamed Enterprise, Philippines (26-29 Nov 2019)

Post-Event: Distributor Meeting with Diamed Enterprise, Philippines (26-29 Nov 2019)

Vivantis’s international sales team organized a joint visit with Philippines distributor, Diamed Enterprise to meet end-users at various research labs in Philippines from 26-29 November 2019.

Some of the current Vivantis’s users include Ateneo University and University of Philippine. In the joint effort with Diamed Enterprise to further boost Vivantis GF-1 Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit in the Philippines market, the newly launched GF-1 Plant II DNA Extraction Kit has been introduced to researchers. The kit was developed to tackle plant species with high polyphenols and polysaccharides content.

“I’ve used the first version GF-1 Plant DNA Extraction Kit previously which works for typical plan samples. I’m glad Vivantis developed the new GF-1 Plant II DNA Extraction Kit because it would definitely help with more difficult and hard or slimy samples. I can’t wait to test the kit,” commented one of the researchers.

“I’ve always appreciated Vivantis for its cost-effectiveness and satisfactory delivery, making it comparable with other renowned brands,” said another end user.

“It’s been a great experience to gather end user’s feedbacks from different countries so that we could continue to serve our customer better with continuous quality improvement and new innovation to hep scientist in advancing their research,” said International Distribution Manager of Vivantis.


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