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Home Latest news All-Time High Sales Record for Our Indonesian Distributor

All-Time High Sales Record for Our Indonesian Distributor

We are pleased to announce that our distributor Pt. Intralab, in Indonesia has broken their sales record for GF-1 Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits. It has doubled from previous year making 2018 a wonderful year for GF-1 Kits. We have four new users worth mentioning who contribute to the sales, Fisheries IPB, Science UDAYANA, Science UNRI and BIOGEN. Some of the popular kits are Plant DNA Extraction Kit, Bacterial DNA Extraction Kit followed by Tissue DNA Extraction Kit, Blood DNA Extraction Kit and Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit. This achievement marks the expansion of Vivantis products in Indonesia and we hope more customers would benefit from the constant and reliable quality we offer.



“The products are competitively priced and affordable”
“The GF-1 kits produce good quality results”
“Fast delivery”
“Vivantis is as good as the kits from Qiagen”


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