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Viva cDNA Synthesis Kit

Viva cDNA Synthesis Kit is specially designed to provide reliable synthesis of full-length cDNA. M-MuLV RNase H- synthesizes complementary DNA strand initiating from a specific primer, oligo d(T) or random hexamer. The absence of RNase H enhances the synthesis of long cDNA as the RNA strand does not degrade in DNA-RNA hybrid during first strand cDNA synthesis. This cDNA synthesis kit is readily compatible with various cDNA-dependent downstream applications.


  • Absence of RNase H activity allows high yield of full length cDNA synthesis with RNA templates up to 10kb
  • Wide selection of primers, oligo d(T) or random hexamer
  • Highly compatible with various downstream applications
  • Allows synthesis of full length cDNA from various RNA templates
  • High capacity and able to copy up to 2μg of purified mRNA


  • Traditional PCR amplification or real-time PCR quantification
  • Storage of selective and functional genetic information by removing of introns
  • Cloning of the gene of interested enables horizontal gene transfer (HGT)
  • cDNA probe library construction with large and full-length inserts
  • cDNA microarray for gene discovery and clinical diagnosis via gene pattern screening
  • mRNA expression studies and storage of proteins material at genomics level

Quality Control
All preparation is assayed for contaminating endonucleases, exonucleases and non-specific RNase activities.

Kit Components
Kit Components 50 reactions 100 reactions
M-MuLV Reverse Transcriptase 5,000u 10,000u
10X Buffer M-MuLV 125μl 0.25ml
10mM dNTPs mix 125μl 0.25ml
Oligo d(T)18 (40μm) 50 μl 100μl
Random hexamer (50ng/μl) 50 μl 100μl
Nuclease-free water 1ml 1ml x 2

Storage & Stability
Stable at -20°C for 18 months if reagents are properly stored.

Ordering Information
Catalog No Description Pack Size
cDSK01-050 Viva cDNA Synthesis Kit 50 reactions
cDSK01-100 Viva cDNA Synthesis Kit 100 reactions


Viva cDNA Synthesis Kit-50 reaction
Viva cDNA Synthesis Kit-100 reaction

This Product Has Been Used In:

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