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NEW DYES - ViSafe Red Gel Stain and ViSafe Green Gel Stain

ViSafe Red Gel Stain and ViSafe Green Gel Stain are stable, sensitive and environmentally safe fluorescent nucleic acid dye for staining double-stranded DNA (dsDNA), single- stranded DNA (ssDNA) or RNA in agarose gels or polyacrylamide gels.

Both green/red gel stain and EtBr have the same spectra, so the ViSafe Red and Green Gel Stain are able to replace Ethidium Bromide (EtBr) without changing existing imaging system. ViSafe Red and Green Gel Stain are designed to replace the highly toxic ethidium bromide (EtBr). The dyes are confirmed by Ames test results that they are impenetrable to latex gloves and cell membranes. By using the suggested working concentrations in gel staining, the dyes are proven unable to cross cell membranes; and they are noncytotoxic and nonmutagenic at working concentrations.


  • Safer
    Noncytotoxic & nonmutagenic shown by Ames tests
  • Higher sensitivity
    More sensitive compared to EtBr or SYBR® Green
  • Extremely stable
    Stable at room temperature for long-term storage. Stable to be microwaved or heated. The working solution is stable at room temperature when kept in dark.
  • Wide application
    Suitable to stain dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA. Suitable to use in agarose gel or polyacrylamide gel. Compatible with downstream applications, such as gel recovery and cloning.
  • Easy staining protocols
    Easy precast gel staining& post-staining procedures
  • Compatible with most imaging system
    Gel can be viewed with standard UV transilluminator, visible light gel reader, or other gel imaging system.


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